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It’s All In The Mind

At Taylor’s Design School, the foundation students roll in with barely a toothpick of a clue what art is. I used to feel disheartened, pissed off and grumpy about how … Continue reading

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Fear, fy fo fum…

  So much of today’s education is placed upon success. Sometimes, the best place to start our lessons is from super fear and epic failure.  For the past 4 semesters, … Continue reading

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A Lesson From Picasso

“Everyone wants to understand art. Why don’t we try to understand the song of a bird? Why do we love the night, the flowers, everything around us, without trying to … Continue reading

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Sun + Sea + Simulation

Thrown onto remote islands equipped with only their bare essentials, wit and imagination, students from the Foundation in Design were put to the ultimate test of creative survival – with … Continue reading

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Communication in Design: The Nightmare to Expect when you foray into the Psycho babble of Design

Being a copywriter and magazine editor for several leading publications, I had to work with graphic designers, stylists, hair and makeup artists, ad agencies, and endless clients on a daily … Continue reading

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[Book Review] Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success By Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D. Published by Ballantine Books, 2007 ISBN 0345472322, 9780345472328 277 pages With the onset of student-centered learning (SCL) touted as … Continue reading

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Creative Illusion

Last week, the FID Jan 2012 students discovered the illusion of making money: that it’s way too easy and barely any work. And because they’re designers first, entrepreneurs second. It was part of understanding … Continue reading

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